They discovered that it was evidence of the case of Rancagua


During the morning of Wednesday, Investigative Police (PDI) Staff searched prosecutor's home Sergio Moi as part of the investigation for his alleged links with karabineros involved in hurricane operation And that they used the controversial Antichrist software. In addition, in the operation they found the material of the case of the Court of Appeals of Rancagua.

Through an exclusive document to which he agreed CHV News, Today it was found that Muya himself informed the Court of Guarantee of the same commander that "at 6:00 am he entered my personal address of the PDI with a prosecutor who did not remember his name and was identified as Prosecutor of La Serena.

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"They pointed out a verbal order of a judge in Temuko." They proceeded to control all my house and seize computer media from the private lawyer seized in their offices in the case of Emilio Elgueta"Those who, by special resolution, should be properly protected by the professional secret".

In this document, the prosecutor also indicates that The attendants' hard disks, Emilio Elgueta and Marcelo Vasquos, were caught, and the telephones of the lawyers who accepted their defenses.

MOYA explains that he "intends to take today" to the South Regional Prosecutor's Office the support mentioned aboveAnd at the end of the text, he details that "I quit the record because it is a sensitive issue because of the border."

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At the end of March, when Ragnagua's operas came to light at the ministers' inquiries, Emilio Elgueta, Marcelo Vasacvez and Marcelo Alborno, for alleged irregularities, they would be increasing in their functions. And to those accused of the crimes of Traffic of influences and prevention.

In this plot there are a series of irregularities such as doctor benefits convicted of trafficking in Psychotropics, telephone records that account for as a drug gang getting the freedom of one of its members to exchange money, and linking with lawyers who are litigating For that reason they have to settle.

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