They disappeared to 53 exiles from the Dina by the elimination of the copula of the PC in 1976

Deputy Minister of Michigan Vazquez Plaza condemned 53 Dina explains for their responsibility in eight qualified kidnappings and a qualified murder of the members of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, arrested in 1976, including the secretary of General Victor Manuel Dias Lopez.

In the case of the so-called Calle 1 Conference Case, the Minister of Operations of Santiago for Human Cases humbled against the State's exhausts for their responsibility, as authors or complications, in the qualified murder of Dias Lopez and in the decisions of 8 people.

In addition to Díaz López, Paul of Viviana Díaz, founder of the Association of Relatives of Disappeared Detainees, the other victims were Mario Jaime Zonoño Donoso, Onofre Jorge Munoz Potias (Martínez Marin Marín), Udaridico Donaire Cortez, Jaime Patricio Donato Avendanao, Elisa Carmen Escobar Cepeda, Lenin Adán Díaz Silva and Eliana Marina Espinoza Fernández.

All of them were members of the PC leadership in hiding and fell as of July 30, 1976 in a "mousetrap" mounted by the Dina in a street address of the capital, the seat of meetings of the Central Committee, while the vicarage Dias was captured A safe house in the Las Condes district. In eight they were transferred to the Grimaldi Waltz, where they were tortured and killed to finally cast their bodies in the sea.

The chief judge of the minister of the Vassacque had fallen to the former Ricardo Victor Lawrence Mares, who would be charged 20 years of jail as the author of the eight crimes of qualified kidnapping, and 15 years in prison as co-author of the murder of Víntor Díaz Lopez , Perpetrated one day not determined from the first half of January 1977. Exagents Carlos Jose Leonardo Luzepe Tapia and Miguel Crassnooff Marchenko, sentenced to 20 years, follow him.

The second sight range from 15 to 3 years of imprisonment. In the civil aspect, the Minister of Immunity condemned the Chilean state to pay a total compensation of $ 3.460 million to the relatives of the victims.

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