They calculate the requirement to paralyze the work of the new subway 3


A few days before the inauguration of the expected Line 3 of the Santiago MetroAfter a few weeks of delay, a new problem was added to this service.

According to BioBioChile, the company Proiner decided to present A civil war against Ferovyal, Metro contractor company responsible for building the new metropolitan transport line.

The judicial action seeks to paralyze the work of the Line 1, University of Chile combination station, due to delayed payments by Ferovial.

"To the extent that the expert reports that it is necessary to extend the term for the stay, it is going to be paralyzed. Therefore, if they want to open on Tuesday, and the site is staying, it will not be opened. "Carlos Gutiérrez, a lawyer for Proinser, told the media. "If you solve the problem, it is necessary to paralyze the work or suspend the inauguration, I will do it".

For his part, Leonard Jazzmury's judicial expert, said he did not have access to key documentation, so he would ask for a second hearing to know "What is this controversy."

He added that the second stage could be performed with the public using the station. "If the work is inaccurate, I can report new reports." He said.

Faced with this situation, Metro called for rest for users That will directly benefit from the opening of Line 3. "The work of subcontractor companies has already finished, for which They are no longer executing work Inside the station, "they explain in a statement.

Anyway, the company clarifies that Will Facilitate "Access to the Interior of the Universe de Chile Line 3 "To the representative of the corresponding yard, in the moment it reaches the station, with the purpose of collaborating with the judicial process in course".

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