They are introducing a pilot screening program for hepatitis B in pregnant women


The Higgins Health Service, together with area seriants, city corporations and regional hospitals, launched a pilot review program for Hepatitis B in pregnant women which belongs to the Family Health Center no Rancagua.

According to the authorities, the initiative seeks to fill the gap that existed with mothers because it is one of the diseases that can be carry vertically during pregnancy.

"The effectiveness of good research or good treatment from pregnancy, is reduced to almost zero with children. That is why this pilot, who is the other in the whole country, hopes to have very good results, "he said. Seremi de Salud by O'Higgins, Rafael Borgoño.

With their parts Director (s) of Health Services, Fabio López, commented that "through laboratory of Rancagua Regional Hospital, exams will be processed. "

According to the authorities, the idea is place operators at national level so that they can Assign more funds to treat this disease.

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