They apply vaccine against influenza in winter



They apply vaccine against influenza in winter

Gloria Molina Gamboa

The Secretary of Health in Tamaulipas, Gloria Molina reported that the presence of cold fronts are strengthening these measures, applying the vaccine against influenza and intergrouping the population to consume vitamin C products, as well as consumption of fluids and not exposed to abrupt Changes in temperatures.

He also recommended that in the event of no symptoms, they do not prescribe themselves and go to their nearest health center to avoid complications in case of the disease.

"We have a planned work, the beginning of the winter season is last month with all prevention actions, such as vaccine against influenza, for acute respiratory diseases," he explains.

In addition, we work in primary and secondary schools with information and vaccine.

What is involved is waiting from here until March that the end of the winter season.

Finally, he said that the government is working to oppose any illness that could get out of control.

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