They appear 11 BMW Series 5E34 saved 25 years ago


It was the 1990s and at the BMW plant, the third generation Series 5 – called indoors as E34 – came out shining of these production lines. More than two decades and four generations of the model have passed since those days and the Bavarian House is preparing for it. 2019 full of premieresHowever, in a warehouse in Bulgaria 11 units of this model have been stored for 25 years.


In the pictures disclosed by the Bulgarian page "Center for rusting", You see 10 sedans and a Station FrogThe corresponding models are the 520 Y and 525 Y, with 150 and 192 horses respectively in 1994. The cars look dirty and the paint is a bit worse, as they are only protected with a plastic for 1/4 of a century. Still, nothing that a good wash and a good polishing service can't fix to return to its original state.

Another completely different story is that of the interior, where the board, instruments, wood and plastics look gleaming. Even the seats still hold plastics on several cars, offering an enviable state.

Unofficial sources say the cars belong to a 11-car rental company and for some reason never came to use them, it is also believed that they never registered.

According to the local site Auto ClubVehicles in Blagenevgrad will be auctioned at an estimated cost of € 15,000 per unit, although it is not known for the safety that will happen with 11 copies.

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