These two new features that would be frightened on WhatsApp


Two new features may be scared soon WhatsApp, Thanks to a beta version of the popular messaging application.

The first novelty is that of a Seeker for stickers Which will allow you to find the desired image by keywords. For example, You must type 'dog' And the search engine will return the matching results, As reported Rt.

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Do not confuse stickers Emoticons and gifts, Because these things have their own search engine.

The second new functionality, meanwhile, will be a Collective call button Which will make it possible to establish communication with the members of a group directly. So far you can only call a group contact and from there you can add the rest.

This version, but the 2,183,73 is still not available for all public use Google Play, But it can only be accessed through a special Google platform where the software tests are stored.

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