These are the two most downloaded applications on the iPhone

(ANSA) – Apple today reveals the list of most downloaded applications for IPhone From 2018, in which the dedicated to social networks was delivered, while between the games, the champion was still the popular FORTNITE.

The list is headed by the classic YouTube networks, followed by Instagram, Snapchat, Messenger and Facebook, respectively. In the case of Bitmogy, which was the most downloaded application from 2017, this year it fell to sixth place. It is an application that Snapchat owns and that allows users to create emooys that look like them.

Facebook has managed to stay in the first place, despite the problems it has to face, with strong criticisms in dealing with the privacy of its millions of users. The electoral interference, in particular in the 2016 presidential elections in which Donald Trump won, meant that many people used Mark Zuckerberg's net less.

Like all, the application of Facebook and other two owned by the company (Instagram and Messenger) was among the five most downloaded from the year, although the biggest challenge is to see how they do the future. Also Snapchat has provided a series of challenges this year, including navigating a controversial redesign that is widely criticized by users and increased competition of Instagram, which has copied many of its popular features.

The background of photographs remains in the preferences of users. In this case, the most popular paid application is self-edition, Facetune ($ 3.99). Kirakira + ($ 0.99), which allows you to add special effects to photos and videos, taking the second place, according to information that is being used today by Cupertino (California).

Apple is limited to providing the most downloaded platforms of the year, but the number of times it is downloaded. As for the games, the popular Fortnite is still preferred, while the second place for Helix Jump, a game in which players drive a ball that falls through a maze. The third place was for promotion, a game that allows players to protect globe from obstacles.

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