These are the most punctual airlines and places in the world.


According to a report from OAG Aviation Worldwide Ltd., Lithuanian airline ranked second among airlines arriving or departing within 15 minutes of scheduled schedules. The top five positions are completed by Hong Kong Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines and Bangkok Airways. From the main US There. Airlines Delta Air Lines Inc was the only one among the top 20.

On the other hand, among the world's largest airlines, the most timely was the liner airlines, according to the announcement., And Delta, Alaska Airlines, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines and American Airlines are in top 10.

Asian demand

Economic growth and expanding middle class will support the number of global air passengers by 8,200 million by 2037, according to projections by the International Air Transport Association. More than half of the travelers will come from the Asia-Pacific region, driven by countries such as China and India.

Some 4.3 billion passengers traveled by air last year, 6.1 percent more than in 2017, according to a preliminary announcement from the United Nations International Civil Aviation Organization. The airlines reached an 81.9 percent occupancy record in 2018, the report reads.

Among the Mega airports, including the OAG (those serving more than 30 million airline seats), the Haneda from Tokyo, tapped the list for its punctuality last year. The classification is based on the proportion of flights at each airport arriving and departing within 15 minutes of scheduled schedules.

In spite of the bad classification of its airlines, five US dollars. There. Airports are between the top 10 and Atlanta ranks second. Los Angeles jumped from fifth place 11th in 2018, with Bangkok entering the top 10, while Heathrow and its fronts.

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