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From the most basic applications to communicate with indispensable tools for the most creative jobs. The world 's app & # 39; It is present in all areas of our lives and these are the most prominent applications of Google and Apple.

By Yolanda Gonzávez

The end of the year comes and it's time to take stock. What is the Best of 2018? Google and Apple have been clear And they have published the lists of those who consider the best applications from their download platforms. In their rankings we lack classics such as WhatsApp, Instagram or YouTube TV, but also include not so well-known options and that, however, are triumphing on devices around the world.

1. The best game

Hundreds of players perched a remote island of only 8 square kilometers in which they face only one left. Pubg Is the game that Google Play stands out as the best of the year. A game in which players have to find, pick their own weapons, vehicles and supplies, and defeat each player in a battlefield rich in graphics and tactics.

However, the Apple Store option is Donut Country. A game in which rubbish passes is the most expensive treasure for the player. The game is based on enigmas with stories where you become a hole in the ground that grows in size as you walk straight. It does not stay out of the list that was the most popular online battles game from 2018, and that is Fortnight Top the ranking of game downloads in Apple Store.

2. The most educational

Communicating in several languages ​​is easy with Drops, The app & # 39; Which highlights Google Play and helps you to know more than 30 different languages ​​among which you can find vocabulary in German, Chinese, Russian and even in Esperanto. Through illustrations and micro-games, this app # 39; Make learning easy and fun.

For more than 3,000,000 students Mime It is the app's & # 39; Which can not be missing on your Apple devices. Learn to program, make applications, games, web pages, automate your life, advance your career and much more. Invest the time you want and adapt this trend to your experience. Mimo creates a personalized curriculum of exercises, projects and fun and effective challenges that adapt to your daily routine and keeps you motivated.

Apple Store also highlights Froggipedia, An application where you can virtually dissect a frog and save the life of millions of amphibians. You can also inspect the intricate internal systems of the frog in immersive ar, a technology that fits the real world with the virtual world.

3. For the Artists

Vimage Is an application that allows you to add effects with motion and elements to your photos, and they are in pieces of art. Google Play stands out as the most popular in 2018. Choose among more than 70 types of effects the one you like and add them to your pictures, adapting the size, shape and even speed.

The most popular option in Apple Store is Try packet, The ideal tool for creating professional. This application of drawing, painting and painting is the most powerful designed for the iPhone. It allows you to create sketches to paintings somewhere. The proprietary packet includes high resolution conveys, more than a hundred brushes, an advanced layer system and Silica B: the same leading graphic engine based on metal with which to work for iPad.

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