The worker is arrested and tempted: they will try to stop the port of Valparaí | National


Required port workers in Valparajo filed a complaint Tried kidnapping and death threats Against a worker, this is a day when he can Have an agreement with TKVAL.

Osvaldo Quevedo, president of one of the unions of temporary workers, referred to the incident, said that the affected person was leaving his home at 7:00 pm – located in Cerro Cárcel, when he was approached by Three people With a bare face aboard a vehicle.

"They tied him up, so they showed him a gun and Threatened with death to stop the mobilization ", Quevedo said.

For his part, the affected Francisco Baez, speaking of the fact after presenting the complaint in the Investigative Police, defining those who attacked him "Professionals"

"They tell me we're sending you a message: the hail of unemployment ends, because we've been ready to throw you and make you disappear" (Sic), from there they hit me in the head and disappeared, "said Baez, who advised his companions to be careful at the moment they left their cases, being shocked by what they had experienced.

In this regard, Osvaldo Quevedo has indicated that "when an associate leader is exposed to this, since it is not new (…) We already knew something that could come Against the mobilized workers and against the leaders ".

Asked about what would be behind this threat, the leaders ruled that "I do not want to imagine, I do not leave it."

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