The University of Chile wants Araos back, but its value complicated


The Universidad de Chile has managed to approach Católica at the Scotiabank Championship table, and if San Luis is over, there will be only two points from the top, with real opportunities to become champions and ensure his presence in the next Copa Libertadores. If he succeeded, U would try to strengthen his team with the repatriation of the player he wanted: Ángelo Araos.

According to the newspaper El Mercurio in its edition on Thursday, the student body would be happy to return, especially because Frank Darío Kudelka is a perfect flavor. "Araos is Kudelki something different. He always likes it", Inside the club they commented on the newspaper.

After his departure, the blue team was beaten, but now he sees it as a good opportunity to return it in 2019, especially considering the low participation he had in Corinth. So far, only twelve games have been played in Brasileir, with as many as 495 minutes in the 1440 yard. Of course he was only five owners.

However, a large stone for student cadres would be in the operation to get Araos back to CDA as they should be taken out of their wallets.

According to the morning article, Brazil is determined to repay the investment as it paid $ 5 million to the exit clause, a loan they see very difficult, unless U pays a good amount which convinces them.

"He is a player who loves and has abandoned U. Angelo knows the club well, and it increases when it comes to thinking about him", provided by Azul Azul.

The club's expenses to reinforce the team would amount to 3 million US dollars, although this may be different in the case of qualifications for the Copa Libertadores, is called another obstacle Yeferson Soteldo. The secular table will give priority to the continuity of the Venezuelan, for which Huachipato must pay by using the option of buying or agreeing on a new loan.

It was said, although Araos is sufficiently interested in 2019, the economic factor would be a major problem to return to Kudelka.

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