The uncomportable question that led fallow larragibel into social networks


Very proud of their achievements, False Larraguybel presume its Worked figure On your Instagram account @ _Falonon_. Despite his three-year-old mother, the model is still slider thanks to its constant development Physical activity What it does

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Still, his fans have a great doubt. Will he have undergone some cosmetic surgery? "She wasn't envied, but did you become an Abdo or Lipo?That's why a follower consulted him in a publication showing his belly.

Without shame, the girlfriend of Jin Paul Pineda He said that yes, But still be Second pregnancy. "After JP, yes. Then I became pregnant with Agusta; I raised 20 km, so no operation goes to the Pilas. After August, I just exercised and I closed my mouth", He clarified.

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