The trick to know what you're talking about on Whatsapp


It is no wonder that WhatsApp is one of the most popular applications between mobile phone users. The instant messaging app has become the preferred one of the public when communicating.

Surely they are hours when one passes stuck to the phone's screen and sends articles, photos, videos and stickers. But why do people talk more?

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The app has a tool to know what are the contacts with which a user interacts the most. Just follow a few simple steps to know the name of the person who does not stop writing (and vice versa).

You have to go to the "Settings" or "Settings" section in the upper right corner. Then select where it says "Data and Storage".

A list will be displayed with your contacts and groups sorted according to the mega number and files obtained as photographs, videos and audios. You can also terminate the content you have sent and you are not interested in freeing up the memory of your phone.

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