The tragic day of Magaly and Roland, the couple is the victim of the explosive street


"It's just as funny to me as it is to all of you," said Gerardo Ramos, a citizen of Venice and a friend of the Magali Walls Brito (48), on the front page of the former Central Posta. Explosive attack registered at 11.45 in a bus stop in Transantantiago, in the municipality of Providence.

At the time of the incident, she was with her partner, Roland Torres Parra (48), born in Venezuela and nationalized Chilean, who was also injured. According to her eldest daughter, Hannah Torres, both came from the Ministry of Education, where they had a paperwork for their other daughter.

"They found an envelope on the floor and my mom told my father:" Put him on the seat, so that the person who left him there will look for him. " And he told me that it exploded, "the young woman said 24 hours.

The relatives and friends who found the TV came to the second floor of the medical center, where recovery was apparently still due to their injuries.

According to the Assistant Networks Deputy Secretary-General Lewis Lawyer, this procedure is to "remove the foreign body and perform surgery cleaning". Moreover, it was noted that the patient is "with serious prognosis, but without life-threatening." The medical team expects you to stay hospital for the next three days.

About Torres, he noted, "He has wounds and injuries from multiple splinters in the forearms, and burns in the forearm, thighs and abdomen."

The approximately 500 meter separation of the Emergency Hospital explosion site was done almost immediately. It was part of its closest circle. In addition, the staff of the health service indicated that they would not make statements for a few days.

"I found out about the news. I used Magali for 15 years and I was very scared. At first they said it was emergency, that it was serious," Ramos said.

Near Caracas

Jorge Magalies Wall, Jorge, said she arrived in Chile last November, while her husband had landed for eight months before. "They came because of the situation they were living in," he explained.

Both lived in Los Tevis, almost 15 minutes from Caracas, in Venezuela.

She works at reducing massages and he works at a hardware store in Pudahuel, on the La Bosa street, the family member said.

Jorge Valles learned about the incident by the news, while challenging his work in immigration. "I saw Roland, but I can't talk much about it. My sister still raised her. The surgery was over recently, but she's still very sedated," she said soon after surgery was over. "I'm waiting to see if they let me see her talking to you, because we are four brothers and the only one here is me," he added, anxious.

Asked about this, he was surprised: "We are in Chile, this is a quiet country … and this is for us …". In addition, he believed that he was able to establish contact with his relatives in Venezuela almost immediately. "I told everyone, my brothers and my parents; now let's hope you can talk to them," he found.

At the time of the explosion, the couple came back from a formality in the Ministry of Education.

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