The tender greetings from China's suites and magnolia on the 40th birthday of Benjamín Vicuña | Social Networks


The November 29 actor Benjamin Vicuñn was 40 years and apparently this celebration was for a day, due to working enterprises.

It turns out that this Thursday was the launch of the fourth time of the Spanish television series VIS VISIT, So the actor had to meet an amount of being committed to the fiction that will be released on December 3 by Fox.

However, this is not an impediment to its current partner, Eugenia ' Suaires, and his little daughter Magnolia, to send him a lover and a tender greeting by Instagram.

Already in the first hours of the day, the actress had a photo of pink balloons, but without any particular message, until later she issued a postcard that the 10-month-old girl out with a bunch of balloons sitting in the middle of A bed.

"Happy birthday father. Thank you for being so good to me and my brothers"Was the sweet text that accompanied the image.

The soft snapshot scattered the hearts of more than 229,000 followers from the performer and exceeded the thousand comments that want all the happiness of the world to the actor and his family.

It should be noted that during the afternoon, Wicuña also shared a picture of himself in his account, but when he was just a kid, along with a thought-provoking message. "Sitting in the head of my birthday, protagonist of my colors, looking straight without fear. I embrace you, Benjamin"He wrote in the publication.

Clearly, the articles of congratulations have not been made and the postcard has more than 1,400 comments and about 98,000 likes.

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