The surprising position of Solari for the draw against the Warlords


Real Madrid coach Santiago Solari said his team's desire is to "win all the matches", but after starting in 2019, giving up two points at his visit to Villareal, he said, "We shouldn't underestimate the ties." "The players" are not machines.

More serious as usual in its appearances, Solarius highlighted the height of the Spanish League to descend the Bund at the La Ceramica Stadium, which leaves Real Madrid behind seven points in Barcelona.

"It's the competition, we have one of the most beautiful and competitive leagues in the world, no team gives you anything and everyone has the talent to hurt anyone, it's hard to score points, don't underestimate them even if we do. Want to win every game ", analyzed.

The goal set by the actual Madrid coach is to keep growing and up in the classification, defining his job by remembering that he took the team out of European positions at the table.

"We have to keep cutting, giving everything in every battle to win, which is why we came out of the calendar very deeply, giving us a game every three days and the most important thing is to reach the level of energy in it. Every one of them, the matches, that we recover the injured and that we do not hurt any of those we have recovered, the players are not machines, a match every three days is difficult and we have to compete, "he said. .

"In the league, the objective is to continue climbing positions, we are away from ninth place fourth and we are aware that the beginning is difficult, but we must continue to cut back. The fight is until the end. The character is seen "he added.

With a more intense message to his players of a press conference, Argentine coach asked them to "fight" to meet the objectives.

"We have to go out and fight, take on these difficult situations, which is why the winning character is about and do not hang easy medals we are happy with what we are doing, and it is mathematical, an easy account, which we have To stop cutting on the league, "he said.

And he left a defense for the delivery of his team, giving some examples of players for their commitment. "We are not trying to machine the competition to put all the energy and concentration directly into the players, they are not recharging immediately if you plug them in. We need energy renovation at the end of every game. Vacation," he said. Said.

"They put all their effort, there is no doubt you have seen Bale play the second part in Vigo with the swollen ankle to finish Elf, Benzema gives everything every game, Luke 14 km per game and gives assists, the heart "Carvajal," "Modrick," as he played with the fiery battle against the will of William, because it was very important, the level of commitment to this shirt is undeniable, "he said.

On his next competitor, Real Sociedad, Solari valued his offensive game with the doubt of the bet that his new coach Imanol Alcohol will perform.

"It is a team that is always happy, has an individual quality and practices offensive football, it has changed its coach and when there is a change, it can affect its system and style, it cannot change its players who are good And cheerful in that part, "he said.

In the end, he defended himself from the criticism he had received for his changes against Villarreal, defeating the conditions of Isco Alarcón to play in the Ballar Demarcation.

"I suppose I'm a player who has so much quality that he can play in any area of ​​the field, sometimes you don't have to be ready for speed, but with creativity, the latest performance, imagination and technical quality. Decision in football, each with its characteristics, "he said.

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