The Super Meat Boy Forever Marathon will begin in April and there is no steam among the graceful systems


When team meat is announced Super Meat Boy Forever In 2014, we all thought of a sequel that respected the essence of the addictive Super Meat Boy of 2010. However, there are two important changes: the phases are generated randomly and the game style was a kind of End-runner.

It's not really loved, though Edmonds McMillen behind you have to give him the benefit of the doubt because he has an unmistakable style capable of engaging people and, in addition, it is End-runner Very good

But we still need to know something important: when it comes out. Something that just dissipated with his latest trailer, where its production is fixed April 2019 In the consoles of this moment (Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One). The strange thing is that On PC only the Epic Games Store is reflected. Actually, in his Stim record he says he will fail in 2020. Will Epic have an exclusive year?

Be that as it can, here's a new and frantic video.

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