The Separate Life of Workers of Radrio Diaz and Maura Rivera in "Rojo"


"Red on vacation"Which is animated by Radyo Diaz and Maura RiveraWasn't rid of any criticism or controversy, and it was added on Thursday a fun and confusing "failure" that was in a round of questions.

In a game that consisted of the answers to the questions to measure the participants' knowledge of where the subtle mud was sent.

This asked the following question: "What is the name of the artist who comes to the Viana Festival and who is married to Market Anthony?"To which won the Maths Madrid responds"Jennifer Lopez"A response that won a point to his team and gave respect to the confusion of viewers.

Also, the question is, if the "El Anilo" interpreter came to Chile to appear in "La Quinta", since they confirmed it live and straight.

However, on the return of commercials, they have to immediately disclose the information, pointing out that the question was incorrectly formulated. "Who Is The Artist Who Comes To The Viana Festival And Who's Married To Jennifer Lopez"They asked again what they answered"Marc Anthony"

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