The sensitive moment of Dania Castro Glamorama


Author: Cristián Farías Ravanal / December 9, 2018

On September 18, Daniele Castro and Pascual Fernández completed their relationship with the home they had produced with their three dogs: Guero, Chalota and Trufa.

This weekend, the cook that won the first MasterFah Chile called for all the nice project that was left behind.

The first commentary on the morning of the mega participated in the chapter of the Chilean University program dedicated to specialists. Next to you are the chefs Endio Karota and Ian Yvin, their judges at Masterchef, and Karola Correa.

During the dinner that Dania said, Karota gave her a picture of three dogs. The unpleasantness immediately began to cry:

"But why do you put this picture on me? I do not want! That's hard!" Commented on tears. Then he explained, very sensitive:

"There are three dogs, I stay with the shallot, others stay with my ex boyfriend." A tropa I picked it up in the channel, and Guro was Pascale's dog, who is like my dog

"I thought to stay with Truffle, but later I said that I can not be justifiable, and the Savior, who is an old man, will be very good to be with Truffle.

"In fact they are my life, because I made a family with them and my ex-partner, so my life was to get up, go around, talk to them, and it's weird to be alone with the chalota."

Castro said that there was so much love for his dogs, that he tattooed the names of all – I'm here the video. Part 3 Minutes 13 -.

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