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In the midst of questions about the role of Carabineros, and the independence of the Jewish power, thousands of residents of the Legua Emergency are living daily on the situation of violence and police abuse. Regulations, illegal controls and excessive use of force that violates human rights are part of the daily landscape of workers, children and people who have nothing to do with the criminal world.

Sunday, December 9, 2018 16:51 hrs.


Seven months have passed since the intervention plan in the Emergency Law has been launched. A state policy that has not been effective on the containment of violence and drug trafficking since it has risen from the start.

The measures that all governments of 2001 have bought have only been executed and perpetrated a mass of violence exercised not only by criminal gangs, but also as various actors in the population, from the police.

This is explained in the annual report on Human Rights of the Diego Portals University in 2017, in its sixth chapter, foils in the control of police action: The case of police violence in the Laugea population is categorically stated that "a plan that is Based on police presence did not prove to solve the problem that motivated the intervention in his childhood. "

In addition, it is advised that "if the idea of ​​†<†<a safe security plan with respect to the Laguan population blocks, it should answer clear objectives, with the participation of the Soviet inhabitants in its definition, as well as an issue that is Periodic accounts of the results ".

The truth is that today, it is not clear that exercises overlook and surveillance of the institutions that use violence in the state. Since the Committee for the Defense and Human Rights of La Legua, since 2006 they have received dozens of reports of police violence in which the majority of cases involve officials from Carabineros.


The President of the enterprise, Paul Alvarez, told that "carabiners act in the most despotic way that you can imagine (…) it is so violent, it is so criminal to do that we think that there are people who come I do not remember this last month, for example, that there was a day without bullets, and the presence of Carabineros is 24 hours a day.

The Legenda's member states that the bullets, irregular raids, arbitrary detentions, physical and psychological violence exercised to people who have nothing to do with criminal situations are daily bread.

"There is a pattern of violence by the police that speaks of raids that have nothing to do with the facts that are imputed, we are talking about identity checks humiliating, humiliating for people with nicks on the street and groping to women and robberies, a Many robberies of the police and the police when they want, when they feel like it, they are in a house stealing money from people, we have only at least ten accusations of robbery this year. "

The last of the actors took on November 12, where people in the carabineros troops, in the middle of a persecution, burst into the house of a family, and the refusal of the settlers to let them enter without A warrior, they would spray pepper spray and beaten without distributors to the members of the same, including a 7-year-old girl and a pregnant woman.

Katya Tudela, doctor of the office of the Legua, tells how she lived the hours after this event. Ensure that there is a constant violence that is seen in the day-to-day. "You try to do many things, but you advance one step and you move three," he laments.

"On the same day of the raid we are working and they resort to the first center of attention to our (…) but still (from first aid) you think about how it affected the lady who was at home quietly Reality to know that Carabineros comes into your home and bursts into, breaks the door, grabs your daughter and suddenly they take her prisoners with your daughter's partner, which is recently operated on the heart, as they throw gas into the Face of the people, then you think about the children who are vigilant Long this situation, the older adults who are not involved in anything and have to live this level of violence. "

The police operation left a young football player of 22 years in custody. Quinnie Jerez, according to the story of close, intimidated and denigrated for hours, then deprived of freedom, for an assault on Carabineros, which he claims, did not communicate.

In conversation with this means his sister, Vanessa, expressed her need and impetus in the face of the fact that qualifies as a nightmare for her family.

"As a family we were desperate, we went to Piñera and Chadwick and with posters we went and we complained, because Chadwick told my sister that she was a criminal, without knowing, without seeing his background, nothing." The trial was terrible, Terrible, it's a nightmare that we just want to wake. "

Carabiners disowned the aggressives suffered by both the pregnant woman and the minor. They are confident that these practices are not in their protocols and that the young woman in Custody is committed to setting up injuries, provided that all the background of the procedure was available to the Public Ministry.


A long history of violence

During 2015 there were two cases, which had been described by the Human Rights Committee of La Legua. One of them was the subject of a appeal for the defense filed against the carabineros for carrying out a search for a home without regard to judicial authorization. In the unanimous decision, the second chamber of the highest court took the precautions.

In the most prominent, it is considered that "the home of the protected is ridden by police personnel, which is conscious of the existence of an intrusive action that has affected, violence, personality and personality security, without which Carabineros de Chile has been given A satisfactory and casual explanation of his motivation to enter the property, not reported in the Official Letter No. 150 of January 7, 2015, to register the property and to seize funds, none of which seems to be known to the Ublik minister, as can be seen from the information provided by the Regional Prosecutor on page 44 ".

Because of this, there are some similar events that have happened in recent years, according to the neighbors of the Legua. One of them, passed in September of 2017 where police officer had broken into the house of a village of initials Anne. After breaking the door from their home, they would have interacted with the residents with threats and insults, all in front of two children under 2 and 9 years old. Later, they would have stolen money that the family had saved and they would have to sign a declaration in which they assured that the quantity was significantly lower than the money being seized.

Some 4,000 residents now live in the sector known as "Legua Emergency". A highly stigmatized area that, from its origins, was marked by social marginalization and the exclusion of its inhabitants.

But the emblematic SANTIAGO population also has a history that is associated with social mobilization and the awareness of the civilian dictatorship. A charterist who was a little begged to be a blunder, because of this, the delictive action that has not resigned, and on the other hand, the violence has ceased in the hands of the state by the police.

For Paulo Alvarez, "drug trafficking acts where the state does not deal, it acts in a more concrete, fraternal, solidary, direct and effective way than what the state can do, which is characterized by a punitive relationship with space."

אין דעם סצענאַר, זאגט דער שאָכן פון לאַ לעגואַ, "אַניוועסדיק, פּשוט, טוערס זענען לינקס אין די מיטל, אָן קיין פאַרטיידיקונג קאַפּאַציטעט און וואָס פירט צו קאַלעקטיוו ומרויקייַט, געזעלשאַפטלעך יוויקשאַן און פאַרצווייפלונג, אין אַ אָרט וואָס איז כיסטאָריק קעראַקטערייזד פֿאַר בעת אַ לינק מיט אַ יוטאָופּיאַ. אַלע דעם פּלאַנעווען, שאַטטערד וואָס איז שוין ברייקינג בעשאַס די דיקטאַטאָרשיפּ. ינשורז

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