The refusal of Rafana Araneda for false speculations about the episode of Carola de Mauras Glamorama

Author: C. Z. / December 3, 2018

The "decisions" of Carola de Moras, in the closing of the Telethon, generated a lot of speculations and crazy theories. One of them was that the cheerleader fell apart, with Rafa Araneda, his former partner in La Mañana de CHV.

Most of them came to Twitter. However, they lack all veracity and confirmation on the part of the involved. – See that some of the depends theories-

The situation bothered even Araneda. The animator confirmed on Monday, on the morning of Chu, that after the end of the telethon, some journalists approached him and asked him straight about the alleged action.

Araneda flatly denied that false speculation and complained about being held responsible. "It has decayed, decayed," he said. In addition, he showed what De Moras revealed to Glamorama, where he tells the truth of the episode. -OK Here's what he said from Mauras-

This is the dialogue with Araneda's relief:

Rafa Araneda: "The telethon ends, which costs a lot, I get off the stage and the first thing he asks me is what is Carolina (de Moras) going?" And I said to them " , I have no idea what do you want me to tell you? "So, just like me, what you say happens to me." Finally, finally, is the issue of what stays, He left, what happened "

Humberto Sichel: "Can I ask you a question, and really, do you care at this moment?"

Araneda: "At that time it hit me a lot, because I'm bullied." "Tired and happy, it's good to see you arrive."

Sickle: "That, apart from a particular question"

Araneda: "It belongs to everyone, everyone, and the camera from us is also a testimony and also from Chileevis Noteisya." So, Compadre, the Focus … We are wrong, that's my vision,

Paulina Rojas: "We do not say that one thing takes away the other.What I say with Van Pablo, thousands of articles arrived, many journalists, your colleagues, had to ask what happened"

Araneda: "One who knows how to work, has to try not to cause this kind of situation, because in the end what's left?"

Rojas: "Also, they ask you, when you were on stage and I had no idea"

Araneda: "Upstairs or sleep next to the technicians"

Sickle: "Let's say one thing, probably, that triggered this is that there was a communication problem above the drivers say, instead of saying nothing .– Well, there's Karola. And it is & # 39; 39; Karola left because she had a problem. When all of Chile is watching, they say 'he left because he had a problem,' some say 'Chuta, what happened It's probably because they say "That's where Karola is going to come from," this situation goes unnoticed and the program keeps "

Araneda: "I'm very disappointed that we stay with these things"

Cristián "Chico" Pérez: "Raffa, I understand your point, and it would be wonderful if it were not the ideal I hope it is a campaign that relies on TV, and it will not succeed as it is, if it did not Support from TV and if you want to see it as that … it has its kind and complex side … "

Araneda: "That's what I respond and I do not go and I say …"

Pérez: "This is not the year. He hit the elbow to another, the other was not"

Araneda: "But, at least, have the grace to say two or three more things, then you will be able to publish them if you want"

Pérez: "Welcome"

Araneda: "No, if I'm there for years."

Pérez: "But it's a complex"

Araneda: "But if you ask me my opinion, I have to give my mind"

Pérez: "Maybe I find it spell that someone holding things like they are cited to encourage the closure of the telethon, let's wait at 11 am, walk with children when you know that this will end at 2 in the morning it seems funny Why do I go with my daughter if she knows that this is going to end … if one is going to work the same, to work together … then all these things generate noise.Right and when it happens, one Why? "

Quantity: & nbsp; "I do not know if I can say that, but at a moment they came to ask me, is it true that Karola is mad Raffa?"

Araneda: "It's the first thing they ask me, it's one thing that I … Compatri, I came down …"

Quantity: & nbsp; "What was asked yesterday at lunch, and I say" No "

Araneda: "In the lunch"

Quantity: & nbsp; "At lunch, yesterday, a journalist from a program. Is it true that Karola has mad Raffa and that's what she left?

Araneda: "And what does this journalist ask you, yesterday, in the morning, I read 3:00 in the afternoon a Glamoradha publication, where she tells what she goes off., So what journalist, what time is it said? Do not read the newspaper "

Quantity: & nbsp; "My answer was that"

Araneda: "But what?"

Pérez: "What happens is that sometimes … I understand you, but sometimes the involved say", and if someone keeps the # 39, what do we work for? It turns out That the days go by and the thing is 'S', so maybe no one believes it "

Araneda: "But go to the source poh, buddy"

Pérez: "Not to ask you but possible the best in this situation"

Scarleth Cárdenas: "It always seems to me that in the good work they end up dying things, they blame you and say" TV is like that "we make the TV"

Araneda: "I'm working on television, and I think I'm working on TV more years than you, and I can say things I do not like on TV"

Pérez: "But it's fine"

Araneda: "This is not a matter of knowing the device, and I'm working on TV and I know very well how it works … but for the same reason, I can tell you the things I do not like about TV"

Pérez: "It's okay that you do not like it, let's say, but that's not what they do not exist"

Araneda: "If you are asking me, I have to give my opinion"

Quantity: & nbsp; "What the Raffa says is true

Pérez: "Let them deal with you, when you have nothing to do, I find that …"

Araneda: "What has defused me, nasty"

Rojas: "It's just what I think you come with a mass that I'm losing"

Araneda: "Rothen, because they got me in themes of free entertainment. And I, as it is my way of being, I'm not going to hire, because it would stop me …

Quantity: & nbsp; "What the Raffa says is true, yesterday, at 11am this glamoroma is already on the internet, the explanation is already there, so when I ask you, I'm glad to read the Glamoraka question. Amador woke up at 8 in the morning to read the papers, or else he would not understand, and I'm telling him that's not the case, I saw when Karola left, Kathy Salosny also left.

"And I'm sorry, but I did not see anyone calling in the hallways, I did not see anyone angry." Everyone was in a harmony, in a sense of being at the disposal of the program or site Needless to say, everyone is always thinking that you are when you react "

Araneda: "I'm going to tell you that the situation there, in the backstage, is to say at least" promiscuous, "because this is a very small site, where the truth is that you go like that and it The technicians are doing what they have to do, the producers, and one waiting, waiting, and there is no chair in the waiting room, the artists are coming with their staff, so there is a situation Where you see or do not see it and it does not matter, and there was only one focus, and the rest was they Before dark. The truth is that seeing something very difficult.

"When they ask the rest if this is an information, the only one who knows you, and if they give an interview to the newspaper La Terraza last night, last night"

Quantity: & nbsp; "In 10 hours in the morning I was in Glamorama"

Araneda: "If she's talking, she knows who else will know?"

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