The rains come back: repeat the prognosis of time for the whole country

The Clouds return to the vast majority of these countries, Which will help lower temperatures to a temperature climate, but can also bring rain in different parts of Chile.

The Northern Chile You will find clouds between clouds, reaching Temperatures of 24 ° C in equilibrium, But maximum Up to 27 ° C in the copy.

The Center of the country Will hold a cloudy day And it will reach a Maximum 24 ° C in Curicó, while the Metropolitan district will receive only up to 22 ° C and will have some rainfall.

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Meanwhile, Southern zone of Chile It will also be covered with clouds and with Temperatures close to 25 ° C in Los Angeles.

Jaime Lyton, Meteorologist of Ahora Noticez, anticipated what is coming for the last days of the week, as well as The situation for this Tuesday, December 4th.

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