The poster dedicated to the "Belenaza" couple who won applause at the Huasa Festival in Olmé é – Festival from Olmé é 2019 – 24 hours


The poster dedicated to the pair

Belen Mora debuted with her standing on the stage of El Patagual on the second night of the contest. Tvn


This Friday was the debut of the national humorist Belan Mora, known as "Belenaza" Who made the audience laugh with laughter at his routine.

In the first role of the audience he was accompanied by his partner, the also humorist known as "Toto" whom he referred to several times during his routine, without knowing that In the middle of all Patagual there is a special message dedicated to him.

It was in the first cut of his show that the animators They noticed a special giant poster that was in the middle of the audience.

"Toto! And The Ring" When?So did the poster that laughed.

Whatsapp image 2019-01-19 at 00.46.47.jpeg

Even when Christie without Sanchez went to ask Mora's partner what he thought he didn't want to say anything, and only limited himself to emphasizing that his girlfriend's nose is noisy.

After presenting her presentation with great success, Belen Mora joked about this issue and assured that it is the parents of her son's class who organized to play a joke on you. "I didn't pay them in any case to plan this poster," he said with a laugh.

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