The Political Responsibility of Minister Emilio Santelices for the Serious HIV / AIDS Crisis in Chile

"I do not know the reasons why they have resigned, people sometimes complete their cycle," said Minister Emilio Santelices to explain the forced resignation of Ana Maria San Martin to her position as head of the National Program for the Prevention and Control of HIV / AIDS of the Ministry of Health. An inaccountable explanation when it comes to the highest health authority that should know and (know) the work done by its officials and the details of public policies that are planned to be developed and implemented.

It is not the first time that Emilio Santelisis seeks to take the ball away from the field, hiding the real reasons for the resignation of San Martin, a nurse by profession and an expert in public health since the 80s, when no one was involved In the HIV / AIDS struggles, begun accompanying and reporting the pandemic to the most affected and vulnerable populations, including jolly people, trans-churches and women's sex workers.

Which the minister of health hides in his words are his own political responsibilities for the serious crisis facing public health in the treatment of HIV / AIDS, a crisis that has Chile among the 10 countries in the world where there is a greater increase in new cases HIV positive, according to a US dollar. It. US It.

I say political responsibilities because Dr. Santelices links as an airplane on the issue of HIV / AIDS, generates visible outlook and even adhesion to the community, including ourselves that we see and feel at Dr. Santelices a positive new opportunity to proclaim The false public policies in HIV / AIDS show that more than 10 years of clarity seems to be reflected in the figures of the international body that are the same bad news that was known at the time of the former president Michelle Bachelet. The problem is that instead of improving, the bad news of yesterday now transforms into much worse chronicles.

The political responsibilities of the HIV / AIDS crisis and the complex HIV / AIDS application of the Ministry of Health are not the sole responsibility of a National Technical Director, but of the very Minister of Emilio Santelices who can not cope With this urgent challenge, appointing advisers, personal friends, who are unaware of the swarms of public policy. Last March, Emilio Santelices appointed the thank-you doctor Carlos Carlos Beltrán, President of Corporáñas Sida Chile, personal advisor on HIV / AIDS issues, generating disadvantages and concern in the social world for the never-ending relations of Beltran with the economic interests of the Pharmaceutical industry. Recently, the same physician Carlos Beltran was accused of serious bad practices in the treatment of HIV / AIDS, publicly demonstrated by the indigenous activist Willy Morales of the National Network of Indigenous Peoples and which will end up being disposed In the courts of justice.

Last September, Emilio Santelices called the journalist Alejandra Hewstone as a person in charge of institutional relations between the Ministry of Health and social organizations working with HIV / AIDS and Carlos Beltrán as a technical adviser to Hewstone, owner of a NGO which sells services to the Chilean state and a couple of the former Minister of Eduardo Fre, the former Christian Democrat Claudio Hoffman. This appointment, supported by social organizations, is currently under the jurisdiction of the Republic of Korea, led to the loss of administrative power of the National HIV / AIDS program and the lack of political support for health authorities for technical work of Ana Maria San Martín , Including the work of harassment suffered by the stable functioning of the Ministry of Health, a situation that we can see in meetings and meetings convinced by Mental itself.

The reason is that the highest authority in procedural health of President Sebastiano Piñera says "ignore the reasons" for a regrettable resignation because it talks about the null, bad and / or deficient information that he receives from his advisors, R Carlos Beltran, since March of this year, he sought to destroy the public prominence with the officials of the Ministry of Health, especially with Ana Maria San Martin, sitting meetings, holding meetings outside the offices and encouraging the same organization To formulate open criticisms of public policy in HIV / AIDS of the Ministry that he advises.

From the beginning, we asked and asked, I have raised public criticism, for the double or triple role that Dr. Beltran plays as an expert doctor, Ministerial Adviser and President of the Sida Chile Corporation, a medical institution that receives economic support Of the pharmaceutical industry certainly generating legitimate suspicions of conflicts of interest, a matter that President Piñeraera promises to decide by presenting a law of Public Integrity.

The Minister of Health Sin, rightly or right, lies in showing the reasons for the resignation of the National HIV / AIDS Head, when we, but us, the activists and social organizations in HIV / AIDS, voice criticize the fails in Public policy, asking for highest health authority to comply with what was promised and not being held in HIV / AIDS prevention of the same Mental, Adapting innocent determinants such as the appointment of personal ad Viewers with lucrative interests unrelated to public health.

I speak of criticism, consequence and worry when, according to the determination of such a lawyer, a hype / AIDS prevention campaign is called, called for a rapid HIV test in primary care centers, without counting on them in all public health facilities. Of the country

I speak of criticisms, concerns and concerns when, in the same prevention campaign, social organizations and Michelle Bachelet are not invited, we "informed by the press" of the television appearance of the Communication Initiative. The case is frightened in the courts of justice by a defense appeal by the SIDA Mole group and the General Representative of the Republic. The same minister received a letter from social organizations with work on HIV / AIDS, a letter that did not answer.

I speak of criticisms, concerns and concerns when the minister of health invites – last May – to the press and social organizations to introduce an application National HIV / AIDS plan, committing an additional 18 billion pesos in the national budget for the implementation of the ambitious National Design That would consider new strategies such as female female condoms in public policies, the prevention of prevention of preventive treatment for HIV negative people, competitive yellow For social organizations and the creation of new HIV / AIDS care centers receive the more than 25,000 HIV positive people who do not know but who must be diagnosed as soon as possible.

A few days ago we informed, again by the press that the budget of another 18 billion for the National HIV / AIDS plan was reduced to 5 billion. According to the minister, the rest would receive from the "savings" Purchase of medicines. Those of us who know about HIV / AIDS know that this is a bad excuse. Already before the budget appropriation of the same Emilio Santeelis in the third quarter, we have interrupted a resource of protection to force the minister to fulfill his weakly pawned word. The complaint stamped in the unprecedented legal action must be decided by the Supreme Court.

In short, Emilio Santelices Cuevas, Supreme Authority in Public Health and HIV / AIDS from the Government of Chile can not and should not be wrong about the reasons for the resignation of the National HIV / AIDS Program because it is your responsibility Beware, know it and take it. It must take place because the political responsibility in the serious crisis in HIV / AIDS lies in it; Authority responsible for making incorrect decisions, responsible for not informing, responsible for not listening, responsible for bad advice, responsible for breaking the trust that social organizations are put on their own

The thread is always cut by the finest and the resignation of Ana Maria San Martin is the reflection of the bad habits of national politics. It's clear: The head of the National HIV / Aids program of the Ministry of Health does not resign due to technical failures, but due to lack of political support from the Ministry of Health Authorities and the hasty harassment she suffered from the personal advisers of The minister. It is not suitable or easier to find a technical official without a decision-making power when political leaders have names and names: Minister Emilio Santelices, Undersecretary Paul Dáaz, advisers Carlos Beltran and Alejandra Heevstone.

It is time for Minister Emilio Santelices to remove the mask from a local health authority that kisses patients and visitors hospitals, assuming their own political responsibility in the pit HIV / AIDS crisis in Chile.

Emilio Santelices is responsible politician and must assume his strategic errors applying the same reflection that he pronounces in front of the press for the sudden and miserable exit of Ana Maria San Martin, indicating that "people sometimes complete a cycle". It is clear to me that the minister Emilio Santelices finished and fulfilled his own cycle.

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