The Poise Menu of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate allows to advance the scene frame by frame –

This Friday, December 7, goes on sale officially Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, One of the most anticipated titles of the year.

Now, although there are still a few days before its launch, there are some people who have already played the game in their possession, which allows us to discover some other interesting details. On this occasion, we will talk about an interesting fact from the pause menu.

As you all know, the pause menu of Super Smash Bros. It allows us to enter a kind of "Repetition mode", which allows us to observe each of the characters, advance or delay the chinema to observe the scene, and so on.

In that case, it seems that Nintendo has gone further, because in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Added a new function to the menu. And, just click on the button, You can advance the scene frame by frame. Observe yourself:

At the moment, we know that the way Advanced in the pause menu works in the training mode, in the battles of "The World Of Lost Stars" and in the Spirit Mode.

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