The Motorola Moto G7 Power will have a 5000mAh battery


Like every year, Motorola has everything ready to renew once again its successful mid-range line, with more devices. A few days ago we showed you how the engine G7 game will look, and now We have the first details of the Motor G7 Power.

As the name implies, this phone will be targeted at the demanding users who need more than one full day of energy. To achieve this, Motorola has included a tremendous 5000mAh battery, Almost doubling what we saw in the aforementioned model.

Another interesting thing that was in the FCC It's your back plan, Showing features very similar to those we currently see in the market. We assume that the screen will also have a Carb And quite small edges.

Everything seems to indicate that In the next days, the current model and the plus model can pass through the same register, So we recommend you stay tuned to find out their respective technical specifications.

Do you think Motorola will rule again in this segment?

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