The Moon: Chance of Site Exploration in 2019


Fifty years after the man stepped on the moon for the first time, The Earth's natural satellite revival interest in 2019 between countries with spatial aspirations.

China has been on Thursday In the first land that opens onto the hidden and unexplored satellite, Thus confirming its status as a lot of power.

It is the second time that China sends a module to explore the lunar surface after the "Yutu" ("Jade Rabbit") in 2013, which is active for 31 months.

The "Chang & # 39; E-4" probe landed at the Edge Valley. His mobile robot, "Yutu-2", began to move on this invisible surface of Earth. "Anyway, regardless of what the Chinese reveal, the scientific impact will be significant," said Michel Viso of the French court agency Knees.

Over the course of this year, China plans to launch another probe ("Chang & # 39; E-5") to extract soil samples and bring them to ground.

So far, only three countries have managed to land on the moon, located some 384,000 kilometers from Earth: Russia, the United States and China. And twelve Americans went astray on the satellite in six missions between 1969 and 1972.

India is one of the countries that hopes to join the club by sending the "Chantanaan-2" mission, which will include a landing gear, an Indian mobile robot and "A European mini-robot built in the Netherlands", Said Bernard Foing, an astrophysicist at the European Space Agency (ESA).

The mission is expected to be launched by the Indian Space Agency in February, according to the expert director of the International Lunar Exploration Working Group. India has been launching a first mission ("Chandrayaan-1") to orbit around the moon in 2008.

"Robotic people"

Israel also wants to enter the race race, with a Beresheet 150 kg weight long manufactured by the Israeli private company SpaceIL, One of the finals of the Google Lunar X Prize (GLXP) international contest.

The competitive teams had to prove their ability to land a mobile robot on the moon before March 31, 2018. The competition was over without a winner and without a final award ceremony. But SpaceIL remained and was scheduled to launch its robot in February by a Falcon 9 rocket from the US. There. Company SpaceX.

"The mission of this mission is to prove that Israel is capable of London's lending, deploying a mobile robot there and providing scientific and cultural knowledge"Explained the claim.

"2019 will be a key year for Lunar exploration," he said. After the 2000s, a new stage begins. "It is the beginning of a robotic moon-lined city, with machines launched by new countries and different types of actors, especially business ones."

Japan plans to launch a small satellite, called Slim, around 2020-2021, to study a volcanic zone of the lunar soil.

For its part, Russia continues to work on robotic mission "Luna 27" to explore the frozen area of ​​the South Pole in a few years with European aid.

"Eight continent"

The United States celebrates this year Five Anniversary of the First Steps of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on London, 20 July 1969. In 2017, President Donald Trump signed a directive that asks NASA to return to the moon, as the first stage to go to Mars.

The US There. Spacecraft Orion, manufactured by Lockhart Martin, plans to make an automatic flight around the moon by 2020. In addition, it is expected to explore four astronauts in 2023 on an eight-day round trip around our satellite.

NASA also announced in December that it has chosen nine private companies to build landing gear and send material to the moon.

"It is the eighth continent" of Earth, finished Bernard Footh.


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