The millions who received the U and Huashipato for the World Cup

The blues and the "cloth workers" have received more than 127,000 dollars for the participation in Russia by the Panamanians Armando Cooper and Gabriel Torres.

University of Chile And Huashipato They are the only Chilean teams that contributed players in the World Cup of Russia 2018. On the side of the blues it was Armando Cooper, While for the "steelmakers" it was Gabriel Torres, At Panama.

FIFA issued the amounts that each received for the calls from their football players. Both the university students and the steel workers received 127,350 dollars (more than 85 million pesos).

How is the money distributed? Each team will receive $ 8,530 per day for each player. This begins two weeks before the planetary date and ends one day after the end of their part.

One third of the total is for the club to which he heard in the World Cup. Another third is for where he was between July 2016 and June 2017 and the rest for the cast where he is active between July 2017 and May 2018.

The Premier League of England was the league that received the most money (USD 37,406,940), then Spain (22,572,080) and Germany (18,920,672).

While Manchester City conducted the ranking of the teams. Rated USD 5,003,440. The second was Real Madrid (4,813,830) and Third was Tottenham (4,385,792).

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