The iPhone to be presented this year would come USB-C and fingerprint readers under the screen


Even sales are not like it Apple – And investors – expect it, that doesn't stop the rumors of resting. Even less when it comes to the iPhone that would be revealed in 2019.

Jin Baptist Sue, vice president and chief analyst of Atherton researchHe was encouraged to give his first forecast for the next generation Smartphones From the Cupertino.

USB-C, fingerprint reader under the screen and Trueedep with Top

According to the analyst mentioned above, The next iPhone will say goodbye to the lightening system. That is, Apple would give the arm their own type of connector to the damage caused by USB-C. The latter is a port with greater implementation worldwide.

But not only will the company that is touched by the cook withdraw.

While it is expected that the Dent Keep present, its size would be diminished Due to the progress of technology over time.

Thanks to the fact that we have Face ID, the security system through which Apple decided to bet everything and confirm that it is more secure than its previous touch ID.

However, now there is a possibility that a Present fingerprint readers below the screen. There will be a double way to access the mobile.

In other words, here the organization would also keep the word, or in any case it would be justified, because they would again settle for the identification of our fingers.

Too, A TrueDepth camera will be added to the back of the iPhone and will incorporate the flight time (Time of flight, tuft). The pretext for this last one is because it is a less expensive system and gives it a greater output.

In any case, the data is based on a review in advance. Just a few months ago Apple released its last Smartphones And we are beginning to imagine what his success will be like.

It's more than obvious to be able to get their different information from here in the not-so-distant future … or maybe not. Who knows?

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