The importance of bats for our ecosystem


Last Friday, a record that had an impact on this Nest of bats in the center of Santiago, Between Santo Domingo and Marlorlores streets.

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Normally these mammals are connected to the rubies and then awaken Great fear in the population, However, They are very important to our ecosystem and are protected by law.

According to the Agricultural and Livestock Service (SAG), the animals are Very beneficial for the maintenance and maintenance of ecosystems, Since they play like Pest and policemen.

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<p itemprop=At night They hunt natural insects that can be harmful to people, animals and plants, Allowing them to capture even more 1000 mosquitoes per hour.

In addition, the uric acid act as Flower policemen and even spread seeds in ecosystems, whether in jungles or desserts.

What to do if you find bats at home?

In the case of a bat, the first thing to keep in mind is that The mammals are protected by the hunting law, so that killing them is forbidden.

For the same reason, people They must communicate with the health ceremony of the area or with the municipality, so that specialized teams can get the specimen.

If a person turns out to be bitten by a bat, he should Tired of going to a Health Center to get anti-robes vaccination scheme.

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