The first episode of the legacy of the first hidden page is now available and comes with a trailer

Assassin's Creed Odyssey ties with the previous delivery, and technically with the rest of the Saga. To the hunting, The first of the six post-release episodes announced by Ubisoft is now available on PCs and consoles, and we will see the entry in the scene of The first hidden page.

The concession of this New story arch The three-part game is especially interesting: We will face one of the main characters in the Assassin Creed universe and, if we survive to tell this story, we will discover a new threat to the shadows.

And, as a matter of demand, Ubisoft opens the new stage with a perfect trailer to get in the subject.

This first episode will present us Dario, Who perpetrated a plan to eliminate Xerxes the Great (The very high king of the Achaemenid Empire who embraced huge franc miller licenses in 300) using the iconic assassins weapon centuries before the order itself was fully constituted.

What role should Alexios or Cassandra play in this story? Well, all we know is that these three episodes – which will come with a span of six weeks among them – give space for many adventures and some unexpected moves.


To the hunting Part of The legacy of the first hidden page, Being able to acquire the three episodes for 24.99 euros or by the seasonal game of the game, which also includes the three arias from the history of arc The Destiny of Atlantis And Assassin's Creed III Remastered For 39.99 euros.


Ubisoft's Greek Odyssey Opts for the episodic format, alternating the two new history arches included in the Seasonal Pass with all kinds of free content and the extra missions of The Lost Stories of Greece.

In both cases, Assassin's Creed Odyssey It gets more and more interesting. Enough to get the 2018 goth?

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