The first baby in the world is born who is conceived in a transplanted uterus of a deceased woman | Technology

The first baby in the world Conceived by a sterile woman thanks to a transplanted uterus of a deceased donor He was born in Brazil a year ago, the science journal The Lancet said on Wednesday.

Seven months after the birth, the baby (a girl) was healthy, weighed 7.2 kilo and was still breastfed from her mother, also in good health, according to the University Hospital of São Paulo, which happened to the transplant in 2016

It is the first time, after a dozen unsuccessful attempts in the United States, the Czech Republic and Turkey, that a transplant of the uterus from a deceased donor can give birth to his birth.

There is also a scoop for a Birth by an uterus transplant in Latin America.

From the first donation of an uterus to a woman with life, in 2013 in Sweden, 39 transplants were carried out, of which 11 were given birth to the patient.

Pixaka (CCO)
Pixaka (CCO)

"The breaks to break down donors may greatly enhance the treatment" On the part of "women who suffered a sterility of uterine origin", said Dr. Danny Ejsenberg, who conducted the experience at the University Hospital of São Paulo, quoted by the Lancet.

So far, "The only pregnancy that was still a post mortar uterus transplant in 2011 in Turkey" and resulted In a spontaneous abortion, According to Dr. Syrian Sasa, from the embroidered department of Imperial College London.

This successful experience gives "some advantages over a wink of a living donor: the potential number of donors is greater, it is cheaper and avoids the risk of living in the living."

For Professor Andrew Shennan, Abortion in Kings College London, the operation "Opens the Way to Post-Morty Donation, as is the case for other organs, which" would allow women who can not get a baby because of a defective uterus carry out a Pregnancy "without" depending on living donors "or" resort to adaptation or a seragate mother ".

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