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© Reuters The dangerous WhatsApp scam that steals your personal data

An application that keeps telling you what your profile picture ends up infecting your mobile phone. TVN


An application that continues to inform who has seen your profile picture in Whatsapp, Has become a dangerous viral scam that ends up stealing your personal data and then asking for a ransom after paying money.

Your name? Profile Tracker for Whatsapp, Which is circulating through social networks because of the service it offers, but what it really does is to collect five or more contacts from the agenda in a traffic way and determine them a date, Details The country of Spain.

"The application uses the website user to infect the terminal with advertising and provides a benefit with every click of the users in the ads once it has access to the device, it also hides private information and asks for ransom. Cyber ​​attack is known as Profitable", Explains the same media.

WhatsApp's profile tracker has already been removed from Google Play, but by Google it is still possible to download it. "Do you know what is your profile picture on WhatsApp and your status every day?", Is the call of the application to attract users.

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