The cure of diabetes may be in the same body of the patient


The Diabetes This is a disease that occurs when a type of Pancreas cells They are incapable of producing insulin, the hormone in charge of transporting the fuel (sugar) to the rest of the body's cells. Some are born with this problem and after a few years they cannot produce insulin (type 1 diabetics), other exhaust all their reserves as adults after several years of difficulty regulating the hormone (type two insulin-dependent diabetics).

Researcher of the University of Bergen They found that the Glukagon-producing cells in pancreas can change their identity and adapt to the work of their neighboring cells and create the missing insulin.

"Maybe we are facing the start of a completely new form of diabetes treatment, where the body can produce its insulin with first aid," said Researcher Luzhi Gila, of the University of Science's research department. From Bergen (Norway).

According to the investigation, only those 2% The neighboring cells in the pancreas can change their identity, but after the development of the mechanisms that allow for the modification of the animal model, the researchers know how to increase the number of insulin producing cells. 5% With the help of a medication.

"If we know more about the mechanisms behind cellular flexibility, then we can control the process and change the agencies of these cells so that more is produced," says the researcher.

The new discoveries may be helpful not only for diabetes. In Ghila's mind, "these Ability of cells to change their identity and functionIn the treatment of other diseases caused by cell death, such as Alzheimer's disease and cell sheaths, may be a decision after a heart attack.

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