The crisis consumes the industry of beauty pagans in Venezuela

Last modified: 04/12/2015

Venezuela was once popularly known as "a Queens Factory". With seven crowns of Miss Universe and six of Miss World, Venezuelans broke all the records in beauty pagans, but the economic crisis consumed the industry.

Andrea Diaz was born in Venezuela but in the Miss Universe 2018 which will be celebrated on December 17 in Thailand, will represent Chile.

For twelve years, Andrea has learned to hail her hips in her native Valencia, where there are more than 600 academies to prepare the 'missions'. Her career took a turn, when she was burned with acid during a facial and her face was scarred, which caused the Venezuelan agencies to reject you.

Her brands are easily concealed with makeup, allowing you to choose as Miss Chile. She assured that, although the plaintiff Vizueluan preparation took her to where she was, she feels happy to be free of the strict standards.

"Chile accepted me and helped me retrieve the confidence I lost," said the 26-year-old.

Like you, dozens of beauty quince are taking flight to find work in other countries like models or TV presentations and escape from food shortages and inflation.

By Natalia Cabrera

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