The court provides support to Channel 13 for false false incendiary in Lyso 1


Last October 21, a release on Channel 13 was published, entitled "Indo-induction in Lyso 1?", Where the parents of the presumed incrimination of the students of the capital's management of alleged "violent actions produced by the school" . It supports information in photography photography of students showing flags of Manuel Rodríguez Patriotic Front (FPRR).

Later, students and parents clarified that the photographs correspond to the accuracy of academic activity in the field of history.

After the broadcast of the journalistic work, the National Television Council (Cntv) has received more than 125 claims that allowed for a "montage" in the realization of the act. The OBUDSMAN's Office filed a protest appeal in the "student community" of the establishment and against the television station at the end of October. The agency argued that it was "in violation of the right to honor the students" with the broadcast.

At the same time, the Ombudsman asked for the elimination of audio material from channel 13 platforms and all measures, including public apologies. "

However, yesterday the court of appellants of Santiago refused the action presented by the entity. In his view, the Second Chamber argued that there was "lack of active legitimization of the Ombudsman for Children" by assuming the representation of the students. This is because the management of the management of the management did not appeal to Channel 13, "which is indicative of a clear fact: who is presenting the & # 39; student community" of the school, its director does not feel Adjusted for media press release on television. "

In a harsh view of the state entity, the appeal was made due to the situation in recent months, the Liceo 1 "Giovanni Carrera", due to a series of venues and demonstrations.

"It is striking that the ombudsman for children, whose main objective is to spread, defend and promote the rights of children (…), has not encouraged learning and thus prevent the mass exudation of adolescents from being established," he points out. . The failure.

Violation of right

In the text, signed by the Secretary-General of the Criminal Court and the Book of Jr., together with the lawyer Jorge Norbumba, the court asked the representativeness of the Ombudsman's office to assume the students' defense of the establishment. He also defended the press department's Channel 13 campaign when reporting the topic.

"It was promised to start the fight without legitimization for him and without any congregation of any authority, alone, through the student community – without it being clearly known what this concept means – against a media outlet that Doesn't have done anything else than seriously informed a certain situation which is in sharp violation of the rights of the girls of the high school referred to as getting an education without violent turbulence.

These "girls who, on the basis of this protection system, receive political identification and, yet, one who advocates political violence," adds the ruling.

Meanwhile, from the Ombudsman's Office they pointed out The third PM That the institution will make the decision to determine the path ahead after the judicial stability.

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