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Each year, vehicles are trying to better meet the needs of consumers, which is why they are in a constant process of transformation and adaptation.

According to the magazine specialized in vehicles, the engine, the uncertainties point to the speed of the changes and the positioning of the large companies in the sector in this environment. This is why the international consultancy of CPMG has a Global Report on Automotive (GAES).

Year after year and for two decades now, KPMG is conducting surveys to thousands of executives in the automotive sector and about 2,000 consumers around the world.

The 10 best-equipped vehicle brands for the future

That is why those who participate in this survey are qualified to comment on the subject and refer to brands that will stand out over others in the coming years.

According to the survey, the best positioned brand for the immediate future for five years is Toyota Group, Followed by BMW and TESLA. 60% of respondents consider that the Japanese company Will increase its participation in the world marketCompared to 32% who think it will keep it and 7% believe it will decrease.

The other brands that follow the move to Toyota – BMW and TESLA – ascending order include: Volkswagen Group, Daimler / Mercedes-Benz, Honda Group, Hyundai Group, Beijing Group, Ford Group and Renault-Nissan Group.

The Gaes also study analyzes the Trends that will affect the sector In the next few years. Among them, the vision is that the experts on the major brands are preparing to face the two most ambitious challenges that companies are betting on: Electric and autonomous driving.

The 10 best-equipped vehicle brands for the future

In addition, the report highlights that Tesla is ranked third Despite the picture That the American electric machine company projects to the media.

As for those Electric vehicles better prepared In a future five years, the respondents believe that the company leading the first position in 2025 will be the BMW group ahead of even Tesla and the third place with the Toyota Group. The German company is enjoying this qualification Of the last 4kpmg reports.

These positions are maintained for companies that will stand out in 2025 in autonomous driving technologies. The Japanese group managed to improve its positioning, moving from seventh place in the third place in the 2018 release this year. By contrast, Ford has fallen third to fourth, the same thing happened to Daimler when moving from fourth to fifth.

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