That's how the river board supporters explode with the championship goal


River Plate He was the best, he did not despair, and he knew how to find the spokesmen against Boca Juniors, a brilliant day for the Argentine team, which is the new Copa Libertadores champion. A game that was defined in the extension, being the second time complementary to seeing the goals.

After finishing 1-1 in the 90 minutes prescribed, Won Fernando Quinteros He scored 2-1 in 109 minutes in the game. A goal that will be among the best quality of the tournament. Diana is happy to be champions.

But at 122 minutes, Gonzalo Nicolás Martínez Defined only against the target, as Androdo moved to the river area for a corner bridge. Lunch that was punched by Armani, achieving a quick and lethal exit for the pretensions of Boca

That is how Martinez decreased last 3-1, with which fans of River Plate in the Santiago Bernabé exploded with happiness.

A shout of champion registered by the gallery, for a fan who should have waited more than scheduled to be able to dedicate himself as the best of the most important tournament in South America.

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