Tango Pacman: "It's the happiest day like a river fan." Sports


The most known fan of River Plate, Santiago "Tano" Pasman Talking with Cadena sur still get this Libertadores Cup From the millionaire box.

Pasman assured that It was the happiest day of his life after beating the classic rival In transition. "It was a traitor, I thought we were going to penalties They played an extraordinary second time. "

On the joy that river yesterday gave him, The famous video fan where he shouted after the descent He praised all the members of the campus. "I was 18 years without a champion, it's a huge party, Gallardo it deserves, so it's the team. It's a team that has a lot of eggs, I'm honestly lowering the revolutions slightly because I can not anymore"

After getting the Copa Libertadores, Pasman has no reason to say that it was the greatest joy football had him. "Dyportiva is the happiest day of my life, no doubt as a river fan"

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