TALLIS: It is like the sex sector led by Tito Fernandez worked

Last September, a series of directors came to light Sexual abuse Against the singer-songwriter Tito Fernández, "Temukano," which they would perceive them in the context of a spiritual sect he led.

As detailed in an extensive report The clinic, This sect is called "Talis" and has been developed in the framework of a series of meetings at the Integral Center for Metaphysical Studies that Fernandez has been regarded as a great teacher.

After attending the first workshops, the women were contacted to enter the secret club "Tallis", Where they had to provide sexual services to "el temucano" "With the goal that he could shine as light for the world".

"He told me that the job was to give my sex energy to the teacher, I remember feeling a big chill in my body, but I could not prove it: he was the teacher!", Tell one of the victims, after being cited by email to the secret meeting.

The figure that Tito Fernández broke out in the speeches, the student showed the students and saw him as a disappointment and smart being to whom he was obliged to pay attention at all times. "I felt that I had told him that he had a light and I loved him, I loved him as a father, like my teacher, when I realized that this was a mental offering, and he Was my tata, my lost father, "added the woman.

The Motel with Toeska

Once inside, "TALLISTS", the women are called to extraordinary meetings that they had to participate with skirts at the request of Fernandez. There he did them Rates from the beginning which consisted of inquiries of their private parts with a sword.

Once the activity was over, the musician personally contacted them to set up a meeting A motel located in Armi with toeska street, Where ultimately the "transfer of energy" would be finalized.

"He wants me, because I was a dancer, to take off my clothes in some sexy way, and I can not come out, I can not play, and he raped me, he did not worry, nor a loving gesture. " For him, we are sex, nothing else, "tells another of the victims.

The women had to argue Seven sexual encounters With him to be united by "the blue cord," a concept with which Fernandez swindled his victims.

"I have always had the doubt if I was blaming him for any reason, or if the old man was really bad and merciful." The fourth time I told him, with great respect that I did not feel like walking, fulfilling the commitment to me, he was not saying that this meeting should happen, because we have been there for the fourth time Most importantly, because it sealed the union with the blue cord, "added the third victim in the report.

Threats and denial

The abuses reported in 2010, according to the report. Today, the threats against the victims still persist. Once the denominations were known, Ferranendez's circle began to intimidate women, they say. Even one of them received in the last weeks a face of Pope carved with black magic pins.

According to the clinic, the singer-songwriter lawyer, Juan Carlos September, said "At the moment my client will not answer questions about the case".

When the climbs were heard, Fernandez said: "I do not have the slightest idea, because it does not exist, I can not think of it, I know very little about the people who are there."

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