Stop ATM in Providencia with gas mode


Criminals fled with some of the money ATM is located at the corner of Sweden and New Providence. after the cash dispenser has been refilled with the gas saturation method.

The carabiner and security personnel of the sector turned to the scene after noticing the the presence of "miguelitos" near the bank of Banco Santander, where the checkout was based on Emol.

According to the uniform police, in the place of robbery "A large number of different denomination bills on the floor and missing drawers in the dispenser".

the Captain of the Carabineros Danilo Vauhnik, Captain of the 19th Captain of Providencia, noted that they were investigating the possible escape route for sinners who escaped on a Porsche vehicle.

Bank security cameras are being investigated, for example on public roads, to determine the number of antisocialists involved in millionaire robberies.

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