Spoiler alert! The photo that gives clues to Tomasito's future in "Hidden Truths"


In the latest chapters of Hidden Truths, Tomasito spent more than a hard time being kidnapped by Leonardo. Now that the villain has crashed, his alliance Eliana is taken care of.

There are a lot of theories about the future of the child in the story: one of them shows that it would be Eliana who would catch him, who took more and more strength.

A photo shared by actress Camilla Hirane on her Instagram may confirm this hypothesis: with this actress Francisca Gavilan, part of the opera's soap and rok, she has advanced her pregnancy.

Hidden Threats

This suggests that Eliana would be recording scenes very close to Tomasito's family, which could mean she would take care of the child.

Recall that a few days ago, Matías Oviedo showed some details of what was coming for his character in "Hidden Truths." After learning that Amelia was Austina, and after the abduction of his son, his character will suffer. "From now on there will be a new Tomas", says Ovido to the Mega Portal.

"He has defended a lot in the story that many characters lie with him, cheat him or do what they want with him, but once they got involved with Tomasito, everything has a limit," he added.

In addition, "Hidden Truths" actor says, "Now we will see another tomas, one who will take another side, one side where he will no longer be the victim of things and will take on another role."

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