Spina announced the four players who did not follow

The general manager of Colo Colo spoke in the Monumental Stadium and reported some games. In addition, he confirmed that there were conversations with Julio Barroso and Agustin Orion for their renovations.

An impromptu printing conference offered Marcelo Espina In the Monumental Stadium. The general manager of the albows announced that leaders will not continue in Makul.

Gonzalo Fierro was the first, the same player talking hours earlier. While the "Cabezón" made officially the games of Lucas Barrios, César Pinares and Pablo Soto. On the departure of the "panther," he said: "There is a decision that is exclusively yours."

In addition, Espina said that it is negotiating in the renewals of two players. "The Director of Directors (Blanco E. Negro) decided to start the talks for the conditioning of Julio Barroso and Agustin Orion."

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