Spectacular capture of the Milky Way "Traveling" on a tree

A photographer spent eight hours filming the impressive Botswana sky.

A beautiful video of the Milky Way & Traveling & # 39; Over an ancient Baobab in the Saladas of Mackaydgaddy (Botswana) circulates on the web since it has appeared recently Sunday through Storehull.

To capture the journey of the galaxy, the British photographer specializing in wildlife will be Burrard-Lucas used the technique of the quick camera (& # 39; Timelapse & # 39;). The video, which flew for almost eight hours, captures the movement of the stars in the impressive southern African sky.

Burrard-Lucas tells how he has to strategically place his camera under the old tree to capture the beautiful sequence. "I was breathing [la cámara] To the south and I aligned the Baobab with the South Celestial Pole so it would seem that the stars revolved around the tree as a result of the rotation of the earth, "explains the photographer.

Source: RT in Spanish

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