Spanish scientists confirm the success of cancer treatment


This week the effectiveness of a Treatment to address different types of cancer, Prepared by Spanish scientists from the Gregorio Marañón Hospital in Madrid, the University Clinic of Navarra and the Ramon J. Caudal Hospital.

According to a press release, preliminary clinical studies showed that the molecule bo -112 "managed to control the disease in the 58% of cases And reduce the growth by 17%. "It is" an intangible therapy with immunomodulatory effect Developed entirely in Spain"

For the therapy, "Anti-PD-1 / PD-L1 Antibodies (Immunotherapeutic drugs in tumors such as Melanoma, lung and kidneyAmong other things, "what" has revolutionized the treatment and prognosis of patients with cancer, "they added.

This research completed the first phase of the Phase I clinical trial Try on 28 people. Their date was presented at the last European Congress of Medical Oncology, held in Munich, Germany.

Extension of the study

Beyond the promising results, Iván Marquez Rodas, oncologist at Hospital Gregorio Marañón and co-director of the project warned that "they should be considered as very preliminary."

So, of the three medical institutions that are participating at a start, now These tests will be extended to four other hospitals. "Our intention is to continue advancing in the knowledge of the security profile, mechanisms of action of B1-112 as well. Find out if there is more effectiveness And how long it lasts for patients who have not had previous anti-PD-1 therapy, "adds Marquis Rodas.

In Youth, Ignacio Melero, Immunologist at the University Hospital of Navarra and also co-director of the project, explained the operation of the treatment: "This philosophy is to try to turn some of the tumor lesions into an immunogenic table. That awakens An immune response, Helping the immune response to the rest of the organism. "Likewise, while this process is occurring" systematically in the rest of the body "" mechanisms that slow that immune response are inhibited, "he added.

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