SpaceX launched the first work of art in space

The Nevada Art Museum Confirmed the launch of the project on Monday Orbital Reflector, from American artist Trevor Pagen, that He traveled to outer space on the back of a 9 Spacecraft Spacecraft Aerospace.

"After a successful launch, The nanosatellite is in orbit!. We will update our thread as we know more about Trawl Pullen's Reflector Orbital, "The institution announced on its official Twitter account a few minutes after takeoff.

In this way it ends Weeks of uncertainty After the launching had to be postponed several times – the last one this Sunday – mainly due to climatological reasons.

The Orange Reflector is a project developed over the last 10 years by Paglen that Art and Science, And whose objective, according to the artist himself, Efe, Is Generate a debate about the role of technology in the world.

Once positioned in its orbit, this nanosatellite depleted a type of elongated diamond shaped sails about 30 meters long and made of a metallic-looking polyethylene cloth, which will reflect sunlight and It will allow this strange work of art to be seen from Earth.

"It will look like a star that moves slowly through the sky. As bright as other stars in the universe of downtown, "the creator was born in the state of Maryland, which in recent months spent long periods in solar nevada on the details of his project.

During the Next eight weeks This unique structure will be at an altitude of about 575 kilometers until, finally, Re-enter the atmosphere where it will end up disintegrating.

Those interested can follow the route of the sculpture through a web page that will provide details about their place of life; In short, a longer pattern of how the artist is constantly evolving between art and technology.

The Launch of the Falcon 9 rocket, That in addition to the artistic project transported, among other charges, The Ashes of 100 Star Lovers, Taking place at 10.43 Monday local time from Venenberg Air Base in Southern California.

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