Social networks criticized "cunning" coffins Yan Yvinn and Enniou Karota


This Saturday, the divine food from Chu, has a special chapter, since the guests are the famous chef Ennio Carota, Dani Castro, Yan Yvinn and Karola Castro.

The leaders feared to convince their guests and measure the best host of the night, and while many were happy to see the meeting, others criticized French Ian Ivan and Italian Ennio Carota.

Both challenged the capacity of Karola Castro and they were more satisfied with what the winner of the first time presented by Master Chef, they also analyzed every detail of their presentation, even on the labels of the newly purchased dishes.

But the most crucial was that the French chef did not want to eat some of the preparations because he did not like them or because he thought it was not traditional, for example, having a coffee with a dessert.

Finally, some think that justice has been done, because Ian Ivy was the loser of this chapter.

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