So you can forward messages on whatsapp without appearing the annoying "resent"


Since WhatsApp likes to make more complicated life, we have to wait for the vintage technology that dates back to the original time.

First came the two pigeons to know when a person received your message. So the blue pigeons charge you that you read. All this coupled with whatsapp rejected her head when you're online or how much was the last time you connected, it's all a bit complicated. But not, not there: now you can not forward articles without being denounced, because in this message the legend will read "resent". Though …

This way you can forward messages on WhatsApp without showing the annoying

There is a complete vintage way to avoid the "Resent" of whatsapp

Sometimes the solutions to the most complicated problems are usually very simple, and this is one of the cases. Did you know what life was like before it was the option to "resend" on whatsapp? Well, the famous one is used Copy paste To pass the gossip to the whole world.

Just stop the message in question and press the copy. Ready to go to the conversation you want to send, hold the box where you write and press the pulp.

In the case of the pictures, in iPhone you can keep it processed and then copy it, but in Android this option does not exist. In this case, open the image, go to the menu of the three points and then "See in gallery ". From the gallery you can share it with the conversation you want without the annoying message published.

Now that's it: you can send the message and image How many times do you want No need to be accused of being forwarded. The most important thing is privacy.

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