Sergi Santos wants to go to MLS | Sports

Audax Italian He would lose one of his key pieces for next time. Sergi Santos would fail for the Philadelphia Union of MLS, Which is not very satisfied with the Audi leadership.

The trouble is that The club has reached an agreement to quit the Nekaksa and continue to pursue his career in Mexican football. For this reason, he is not in the match against O 'Higgins for the last day of the tournament.

However, The player decided for a proposal that his representatives approached him from the United States. This generated the annoyance on the part of this Italian directors who directly accused Fernando Felisevich For disconnecting the original offer.

In dialogue with DNA, The player assured that He did not feel valued by the italic picture. "They came to me after four more years, I had to turn, show what I had and they did not want to see it, they did not fit into me."

In addition, he held that the leaders of Philadelphia are much more interested than the Mexicans. "They came to see me, he was sitting down to talk to me, Nekaksa just talked to me on the phone, I noticed that it was more personal than the United States, which is a great opportunity for my family".

Lorenzo Antillo, manager of Audiaxi Italiano He assured that the businessman did not worry about the negotiation made by the club and only worried about his personal interests. "We are trying to deal in a very bad way, which carries the patrimony of clubs, it does not work with clubs, it works against clubs."

The future of the foregoing will be defined in the coming days, while The Italian cast is very close to the arrival of Radredo Holguado, The top scorer of the first tournament just passed.

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